Back to the market after a few years of hiatus, DFB Hanco Nutrition is gradually conducting its plans to rebuild the brand and distribution channels to market its product image throughout the country, upgrade existing plants and build new factory following the Codex standards (*) using high technology in food processing. In addition, DFB Hanco Nutrition expands its market share by enhancing values of brand and products, improve competitiveness in manufacturing, create special lines of products to gain domestic market share and export.
DFB Hanco Nutrition also sets out specific business plan:
  • Strategic orientation.
  • Restructuring brand (DFB Hanco Nutrition).
  • Improve overall competitiveness
  • Make a difference in nutritional value; hence make competitive advantages in the long term (to be different from product, price, technology and user-friendliness for the community)
  • Continually diversify products, reorient value for all dairy product lines varying for each stage of age based on the surveys of consumer desire
  • Increase production capacity: breakthrough technology, create product line of Gaba rice for all ages, especially for children
  •  Develop a model of clean and green plants, in accordance with to Codex standards (*), to ensure high food safety. Consumers can directly witness the production process from raw materials, clean production and touch clean products.
  • Accompany Tam Nong (AgricultureFarmers - rural Development) to strengthen development and exploitation of domestic raw materials
  • Sustainably develop, attach brand to social responsibility and community.
(*) Compliance with FAO and WHO standards founded in 1963