Joining the market for nearly 15 years, DFB Hanco Nutrition has built a separate path for itself to restructuring after nearly five-year hiatus. Pointing in direction for its products, DFB Hanco Nutrition identifies that dairy products and Gaba rice have to be attached to the community, creating more value for agriculture and farming in Vietnam. Instead of letting farmers supply raw materials to manufacturers without knowing where their products are delivered, what quality their products have and how surplus value is, DFB Hanco Nutrition will show them what they need to know and in the mean time, offer good seedlings, cultivation techniques and consumption of their products in order to standardize materials from farm to production lines. This is a relatively sustainable and new way for DFB Hanco Nutrition to challenge itself after the restructuring. With the current product lines, DFB Hanco Nutrition is using safe and international-quality materials imported directly from New Zealand, France and the USA. In addition, DFB Hanco Nutrition still focuses on partnership with the first priority put on experience. Cooperating with those experienced companies, every Vietnamese company will gain its own experience and learn a lot from management to working style, which will help DFB Hanco Nutrition ensure its sustainable orientation with commitment to:
  • Constant innovation, for the purpose of the Vietnamese health care, in both mind and heart, we are committed to creating values and providing consumers with high quality, clean and safe products. DFB Hanco Nutrition tries to do our best to study and provide products with full nutrient source to each family in Vietnam. Besides, with each product DFB Hanco Nutrition also brings the seed of love from production to consumers, the mutual care for each member of the family, and finally to spread love everywhere.
  • Integrity in business, healthy competition, all for the benefit of consumers.
  • Direct and constant contribution to the sustainable development, not only for the DFB Hanco Nutrition, but also for the local, for Vietnam and the world – where DFB Hanco Nutrition’s members are living.