Developing with the passion for the dairy industry as it is a health product, DFB Hanco Nutrition determined not to expect the market ranking but focus on the strategy aiming at practical needs of the consumers. The products do not have to be much different but bring in a lot of health value. It is dairy products and Gaba rice that make the difference.Previously, cereal product was very common. But today it’s the method of germination to boost enzyme development (pathways to the brain). DFB Hanco Nutrition will generate products with more nutrient supplement to the brain, which helps children to be more intelligent and smarter and reduce memory loss in adults.Gaba rice is drawing attention of many countries all over the world.This product line is manufactured by DFB Hanco Nutrition in accordance to international standards from seed to production process to, at least, meet the requirements of VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards for organic products.To improve the product range, DFB Hanco Nutrition not only focuses on improving the production process but also product development with reliable method application. Next time, in addition to research on dairy products and Gaba rice, DFB Hanco Nutrition will continue to develop packaging along with the construction of strategic marketing and stronger communications. Currently, from the office to the outlets, the process of finalizing the new brand indentity is in progress. In the next 3 years, DFB Hanco Nutrition will invest in more 5,000 outlets in order to bring its products closer to consumers. At the same time, beside domestic and Indochina market - its main markets, the DFB Hanco Nutrition will also expand export market in order to implement the desired plan to export to many more countries.


DFB Hanco Nutrition restructured the system, in which the restructuring of product development and technology is at the forefront. To obtain the value of the brand, DFB Hanco Nutrition focuses on the value of safety and ensure the best quality for the consumers, for instance the plant construction equipped with necessary high-tech products in accordance with Codex standards (*) for the optimal nutrition and quality will begin in the near future. Improving processing technology, taking advantage of good micronutrients in order to diversify the product range, supplementing its products with essential micronutrients such as amino acid, vitamins from fresh fruit pulp for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. At the same time, products for pregnant women are also supplemented with collagen to help their babies healthier and mothers more beautiful because collagen helps mothers to prevent stretch marks during their pregnancy and breastfeeding time. With collagen type II (also known as UC II), a combination of calcium milk and vitamin A & D, they will enhance flexibility for knee joints, best osteoporosis prevention for adults and the elderly. In addition, DFB Hanco Nutrition has studied and developed products to help children enhance their intelligence and height growth, with diversified products for eyesight and digestive system... In particular, DFB Hanco Nutrition launches feeding products for children aged 6 - 12 months old with a lot of nutrient supplement, but the most remarkable still is to provide products containing Gaba in nutritional powder. This is a very good neurotransmitter to the nervous system, which helps children develop well in the early stage of life. Around the world, many companies are working on this product. This is the trend for both adults and the elder because it helps improve sleep, develop nervous system and prevent memory loss...