To become a Vietnamese diary company with international quality. To achieve the leading position in its market segment through an effective and successful development strategy.
To set out a clear path in order to reach its targets through particular orientations, such as developing new business, building a strong position in the segment of infants and young children and improving daily nutrient business. Besides, becoming the most favourite brand of consumers, employees and shareholders is the target that DFB Hanco Nutrition aims to achieve.
To provide high quality nutritional products (powdered milk, powdered nutritional cereal, liquid milk…) in compliance with professional process from scientific research to clinical trial result. To reaffirm the role of leading researcherwho has sound knowledge about nutrition and milk and enable to fulfill DFB Hanco Nutrition’s commitment on ensuring best nutritional ingredients for its consumers’ development and health care, as well as the responsibility to the community. In addition to the goal of providing high-qualitied products to consumers, DFB Hanco Nutrition expects its products to be the most appropriate in the current market. Producing high-quality products with reasonable price is the goal which DFB Hanco Nutrition makes all attempts to achieve. Wishing to provide products with international quality at the most optimized price, DFB Hanco Nitrution always focuses on technology investments, efficient labor utilization, exploitation of local raw materials, operation management optimization… Participating in the diary price stabilization campaign in the market, DFB Hanco Nutrition makes its ultimate determination to become the comsumer’s first choice in terms of quality and price.


Standardization of all logos, colors and packaging under the new brand name of DFB Hanco Nutrition
Defining name, new logo and all product lines, based on the results of a market study conducted by commercial counselors.
Design new packaging for all product lines.
Before 2014, completed most of products packaging
Researching to develop and improve all products, and producing new high-value products.


Construction of a new plant is well equipped with latest technologies to increase production capacity
Repurchase of 117,000 m2 land area and get the approval from the government.
Send invitations to the equipment suppliers and construction companies to secure a contract with low-interest loans.
By the end of 2014, completed the procedure, and in 2015, start the construction of new plant and open call for investors.